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November 10, 2009

Financial Statement

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This lesson introduce the keytool required for creating financial statements and profit and loss statement.

People who interested in financial statements are :

  • Internal audit : Versi Financial statement IN01
  • External Audit : Versi Financial statement EX01
  • external auditor : Versi Financial Statement AU01

The financial statement version enables you to configure the report format. You determine the following :

  • Which items are to be included annd the sequence and hierarchy of these items
  • The text describing the items
  • The chart of account and the individual account relevant to the report
  • The totals to be displayed

You define the financial statements version in two steps :

  • Enter it in the directory of financial statement version
  • Define hierarchy levels and assigns account

Each versions must have the following “special items”

  • Asset
  • Lialibilites
  • Profit
  • Loss
  • Profit and Loss result
  • Account not assigned
  • Notes to financial statement

The net profit or net loss is only determined from account that are assigned to asset and lialibilities items. a financial statement versions consist of a maximum of 20 hierarchy levels.

  • Assigns items to each level. The system calculates a total/subtotal for each items, which is then displayed when the program run.
  • Assigns text to each item
  • Assigns the accounts whose balance and account name are to be listed to the lowest level

Drilldown Reporting

Drilldown reporting is a tool that enables you to analyse G/L account transaction figures and financial statements.

You can also carry out variance analyses such as plan/actual comparisons, fiscal year comparisons and so on.

Drilldown reports make navigation through your data simple. you can move to different details level, or in different object for analysis purposes, or change between a drilldown view and a detailed view.

Drilldown reporting also provides functions for processing lists, such as sorting, conditions (Threshhold values), ranking list and so on.

You can also access SAP graphic, SAPmail, and the excel listviewer from your report.


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