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November 5, 2009

Step Two

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Document Types and Number Ranges

  • a business transaction can create one or more document
  • Document in SAP include document header and 2 – 999 line items
  • a Document remains a complete unit in the R/3 system until archieved
  • SAP records at least one document for every business transaction and each document receives a unique document number
  • every document, uniquely identified by following field :
    • Company Code
    • Document Number
    • Fiscal Year
  • Two important control keys for document are :
    • Document Type (for doc header)
    • Posting Keys (for line items)
  • Document type controls the document header and is used to classify the business transaction
  • Most Important control functions of document type are :
    • Number Range for Document Numbers
    • Account types permitted for postings
  • Document Type defined at client level and valid for all company code. it controls the following :
    • Which account to be posted
    • Number Range
    • Field status for document header text and reference
    • Whether invoices are posted with net procedure
  • if no reversal document type is specified, the reversal document has the same document type as original document
  • You specify a number range for each document type. However you can copy the intervals of document number ranges from one company code t another or copy intervals from one fiscal year to another
  • Document number can be internal or eksternal
  • The internal range can be year specific or year independent
  • external number range maybe alphanumneric

Posting Keys and Field Status Group

posting keys defined at client level and must important control functio for a posting key are :

  • Determine which account type can be posted
  • Side of account (debit or credit)
  • Field status of additional details or layout of entry screen
  • Specifies whether the line item is connected to payment transaction or not

Standard posting keys for cutomer/vendor invoices are :

  • Debit : 01 (Customer) , 4 (Vendor)
  • Credit : 50 (Customer), 31 (Vendor)

Standard posting keys for G/L account postings :

  • Debit : 40
  • Credit : 50

Subledger dont have field status group and therefore a lot of posting key are used.

Field status of document fields influenced by field status group and posting key and is determined by three factors :

  • Account Type (S,K,D)
  • Field status of posting keys
  • field status of account

as a general rule, the account specific field status for G/L account is customized and for customer / vendor account posting key specific field is customized.

Field status group control the field display during document entry

for each group of G/L account, you have to define the status of every document entry field (Required, optional, hidden)

You assign field status group to respective G/L account in the G/L account master record. each G/L account has a field status group.

if a document is posted to the subedger account, the field status group of reconciliation account is used.

Posting Periods

posting periods defined in the fiscal year variant

system usually propose the current date as posting date

To prevent document from being posted to an incorrect posting period, you can close certain posting period

You open a posting period by entering a range in posting period variant that encompasses this period. you can have as many periods open as desired

as many periods as required can be open simultaneously. However, only two periods intervals can be open at the same time during closing.

Posting Authorization

The maximum amount are defined per company code in tolerance group. here the processing of payment differences is controlled

in tolerance group, you can enter upper limits for the following :

  • Total amount per document
  • Amount per customer/vendor item
  • Cash Discount which a user in a tolerance group can grant

When setting limits, the currency used is local currency of company code.

you can create as many tolerance group as you like

a tolerance group can be assigned to one or more company code

if User not assigned to any tolerance group, then default tolerance group valid for them.

Name three document used in payment process :

  • Vendor Invoice
  • Payment Document
  • Checks

What Methods you can create a checks ?

  • Manual Checks
  • Automatic Payment Program

You can void the check without reversing document (TRUE)

You can void a check and reverse the payment document at the same time (TRUE)

You can void a check and reverse the payment document and vendor invoice all at the same time (FALSE). Reversing vendor invoice is a separate transactions from voiding the checks and reversing the document.



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