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November 5, 2009

Document Parking & Workflow

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Workflow in one sentence : ” succesful workflow management means providing employees with the right tasks and respective information at the right time”

in The SAP business workflow, The four Dimensions :

  • Organisational structure (Who)
  • Process structure (when, what order)
  • Function (what)
  • Information (With which data)

are combined to allow business process to be carried out as efficiently as possible.

the process to be displayed as workflow is stored in the system in parameters using a graphic definition tools.

The SAP business workflow :

  • is a tool for automation of business process in SAP system and between systems
  • is not tied to a particular application and can be adapted to customer requirement
  • Works the same way in all applications
  • coordinates all integrated tasks
  • Support the user actively
  • Supports process of your company within SAP systems. it also supports te communication between business processes operated on different system
  • Provides the end user with all infomation required to perform the next step

Workflow Management Architecture

in short, workflow means getting the right work to the right employee at the right time.

The SAP business workflow is structured in three layers :

  • The right Work : whatever you wish to perform during the workflow, it must be implemented in the business object repository as a method of a business object type
  • at The Right point of time : The process level describe the business process in a sequence of individual steps. The workflow definition is the total of all steps put together. Workflow builder is the tool used for the maintenance of the process level
  • to The Right Processor : The organisational level establishes a link to the organisational strucure.

a Document number is assigned by means of the document type with the “park Document” function. With “hold document”, the user assigns a designation.

One workflow variant can be used for several company code.

it is possible to create multilevel workflow sequences

Individual task can usually be assigned several possible processor



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