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November 5, 2009

Country Specific

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I. Check Management

This chapter explain about :

  • The document involving in check processing
  • Create Check Manually
  • View check information
  • Void Check
  • Use Void Check Reason code

There are 3 document involved in payment process :

  • Vendor Invoices : it can be entered directly into account payable or generated through the PO cycle
  • Payment Documents : Record The payment of the invoice and clear the open invoice
  • Check : Preprinted checks, check number is generated by SAP system


You can only print check in the SAP system if the system contains a payable, such as an invoice

the payment process creates a payment document that records the payment of the payable and clean the open invoice.

The payment Document and check and created in separate process. when the checks is created, the check number, bank information, and the check recipient are printed on both the payment document and the open invoice.

If error made, user have to decide, whether to reprint or void the check or whether to void and reverse the check and the payment document.

Several Methods to create payment document and check information :

  • Payment Document
    • Entered Manually
    • Automatic Payment Program
  • Post and Reprint
    • The User Manually selects the invoices for payment
    • You use this functions to pay specific vendor or invoices
  • Post
    • You use this function to pay a vendor or a specific invoices using pre printed checks that are filled out manually or with type writer

Those following information entered on the payment document and the invoice when a check is created :

  • Bank Details
    • House Bank and Bank Key
    • Account ID and Number
    • Bank Name and City
  • Check Recipient
    • Name
    • City
    • Country
    • Region
  • Check Information
    • Check Number
    • Payment Date
    • Currency and amount paid
    • Cash Discount amount
    • encashment Date

Voiding Check and Reversing Payment

Check can be voided before the print run if they are :

  • Accidentally damaged
  • Stolen
  • Destroyed

Check can be voided after the print run if they are :

  • Not required because the cash payment is made instead
  • Torn during printing
  • used for test print

in each case, you have to decide whether the payment document need to be reversed. the system allows you to :

  • Reverse The check
  • Reverse The check then the payment document separately
  • Reverse the check and the payment document simultaneously

Check Register

The check register program is an ABAP program that is shipped as a standard system. this program is a dynamic report that provide the following information :

  • All checks
  • Outstanding Checks
  • Checks Paid
  • Void Checks

You can run the dynamic report program by :

  • Payment run
  • Issue / Creation / Cashing Date



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