Belajar SAP

October 21, 2009

Step One

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1. If the company code intend to use cross company code controlling, they must use same chart of account (true)

2. a Plant can be assigned to more than one company code (false). a plant can be assigned to only one company code

3. The costumer / vendor account can be maintained centrally or decentrally

4. A complete vendor account consist of following parts :

  • Purchasing Organisation segment
  • General Data
  • Company Code Segment

5. Bussines area are not directly assigned to company code.

6. The most important control functions of the document type :

  • Number Range for document number
  • Account types for permitted postings

7. Standard posting key for G/L Account :

  • Debit, Posting Key 40
  • Credit, Posting Key 50

8. Every company code may define its own document number range. The document number uniquely identifies each document in a company code within the fiscal year. Therefore, Document number range are defined dependent on the company code.

9. at The beginning of a new fiscal year, The system always starts The document number assignment again at the start of number range (False).

  • The system only restart numbering at the beginning of new year if the document number range is defined per fiscal year

10. You maintain a costumer / vendor master record centrally if you create financial segment at the same time as the sales order management / purchasing management segment.

11. You can carry out cross company code controlling if each company code uses the same operational chart of account

12. G/L account that are managed in local currency can be posted in any currency

13. G/L Account that are managed in a foreign currency can only be posted to in this currency  



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