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October 21, 2009


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open items are incomplete transactions, such as invoices that have not been paid. a transaction is cleared when a clearing posting has been carried out for an item or group of items, so that the resulting balance items is zero.

Document with open items cannot be archived and stay in the system until all open items are cleared. SAP provide two basic transactions for clearing :

  • Post with clearing
  • clearing an account

Clearing transactions is always create clearing document.

when you use “posting with clearing”  function, enter the amount and then select the open items that are to be cleared.

  • if the total amount of selected open items equals the amount of the clearing document, the system clears the open items by creating one or more clearing items.
  • if the total amount of selected open items does not equal the amount of the clearing document, the system allows you to post the difference.

Posting with clearing can be carried out for several accounts, account types and for any currency simultaneously. you can carry out the “posting with clearing” transaction manually or automatically using the automatic payment program.

Account Clearing

using the account clearing function, choose those open items from an account that balance to zero. the system marked them as cleared and creates a clearing document. The clearing document number and clearing date is entered in the cleared items. The clearing date can be current date or date that the user determine.

The account clearing function works for any account managed with open items in the general ledger and subledgers. The account clearing transaction may be performed manually or automatically by using automatic clearing program.

Step in clearing program :

  • group items for each account
  • if balance is zero, marked the items for clearing

Prerequisite for clearing :

  • User criteria must be defined in customizing
  • accounts to be cleared must be defined for automatic clearing

Items that are not cleared :

  • Noted items
  • statistical postings, bill of exchange postings
  • items with holding tax entries

The program groups items from an account together where they have the same entries in the following fields :

  • Reconciliation account number
  • currency
  • Special G/L indicator
  • Five freely defined criteria from document header or line items

The clearing number is derived from the document number of the clearing document

you will also able to do a partial clearing when you are unable to match open items exactly. in this case, the balance amount not cleared is posted as a new open item.

You may also configure clearing tolerance and also define rules on how to tackle the situation where the net amount after clearing is not zero (such as writing off, posting the difference).


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