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October 18, 2009

The Dunning Run

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the dunning run creates a dunning proposal that can edited, deleted and recreated as often as necessary. if necessary, you can print out the dunning notices automatically directly after the dunning run. in this case, you decide not to edit the dunning proposal.

The dunning run can be divided into three step :

  • Account Selection
  • In this step, program checks the parameters and configuration to determine which account are to be included in the dunning run.

  • Dun Line item
  • in this step, the system checks which line items are overdue in the selected account and which dunning level should be applied

  • Dun account
  • in this step, the system checks whether payments have to be dunned for an account and, if so, which dunning level should be used.

criteria for account selection are :
  • Dunning procedure must be entered in the master data
  • The date of the last dunning run entered in the account must be earlier than the dunning interval date of the dunning procedure.

The difference between the due date and the dunning date is as follows :

  • Due Date : day after which the liabilities must be paid
  • Dunning Date : day when the overdue item are dunned

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