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October 18, 2009

Printing Dunning Notice

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printing dunning notice is the last step in the dunning process. the print program for the dunning procedure are :

  • Group items to be dunned with dunning notice according to the various rules
  • Generate dunning notice for each group
  • Enter the dunning date and level in the dunned items and account

if the dunning notice are to be sent to one time costumer, the dunning data is updated only in the relevant items.

dunning notice are printed in a sequence field defined by sort criteria.

to undo changes to dunning data in account and document, refer to SAP note 6591.

item that are to be dunned are grouped together in dunning notice as long as they have the same company code, dunning area or account.

item in one time account are grouped together in one dunning notice if they have same address.

you can also group items by the following criteria :

  • Dunning by dunning level
  • Grouping key
  • Decentralized Processing

Dunning interest depends on the dunning level and is calculated using an interest calculator.

dunning charge depend on the dunning level and can be either a fixed amount or an percentage of dunned amount.

one dunning form can be used for all dunning levels.

The dunning text for dunning level 6 is stored in text module 616.

The last dunning level triggers the manual dunning procedure.

The payment program can create payment advice note containing the items in the dunning notice.

The payment advice note numer has 10 digit and start with 08. The payment advice note type 08 must be defined in the configuration setting.


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