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September 4, 2009

Running The Payment Program

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Every payment program run is identified by two fields :

  • Run Date : the run date is recommended as the actual date when the program is executed. its main purpose is to identify the program run
  • The Identification field is to differentiate between program runs that have the same run date.

All documents that were entered up to the docs entered up to date are to included in the payment run. the posting date is the date when general ledger is updated with the postings. this date is defaulted from the run date on the previous screen.

The company codes in payment run must be in the same country.

After the parameters are entered on the main payment program screen, schedule the payment proposal to be created.

in the proposal run, the program selects document and account with items that are pending payment.The system then groups this items to payment assigns the payment method and bank details to be used. If the system cannot find a valid payment method or bank data, or if item is blocked for payment, it adds these items to the exception list.

Once the proposal run is completed, the system generates two reports : Payment proposal list and exception list. you can edit these reports online or print them.

The proposal list shows the business partner and the amounts to be paid or received. depending on the line layout users choose for the screen, the associated document numbers and cash discounts can be displayed. any exception are also listed here. Users can drill down several times to view and change the details of the individual payment items.

Items that cannot be paid are detailed on the exception list. Possible reasons :

  • Invoice is blocked
  • Invalid data in the master record
  • Invalid payment method
  • Payment amount is less then the minimum amount specified for payment
  • Not enough money in the house bank per configuration
  • Debit Balance

Invoice that match the specified payment parameters but, for some reasons, cannot be paid are listed in exception list.


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